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  • Angel


    Angel is an original, acrylic and oil painting and is 10 of 10 in the Herald collection. This bold abstract piece uses a mix of acrylics and oil layers with delicious metallics and chunky textured details. Angel would be at home in a bedroom, hallway or quiet room. She draws the eye and calms the soul just by looking at her.


    Angel is 50 X 50 cm acylic and oil on canvas and is sold unframed.

    • Materials and Specification

      Acrylic and oil on canvas

      50 x 50 CM


    • Care

      Avoid touching the canvas to prevent the transfer of oil and dirt from the hands. Frame should be carefully dusted with a microfibre cloth. Avoid use of any polish or cleaning agent.

    • Delivery

      Delivery will take 4 to 8 weeks from purchase and includes shipping and any import duty that may apply for overseas customers.

    • Frame

      Painting is sold unframed. The frame shown is for illustration purposes, and is called a tray-frame style which we would recommend with this piece.