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Hartlepool Art Gallery, Hartlepool, UK.

From: 27.01.2023
To: 25.03.2023

A group exhibition with fellow Master of Arts students, Nichola exhibited at Hartlepool Art Gallery as part of the Northern Art Gala. A ten-week festival of northeast arts across multiple venues and showcasing the work of The Northern School of Art postgraduate creatives.

The multi-disciplinary exhibition was in response to an open-call brief with the theme of ‘Souvenir’.

“Souvenirs can be much more than physical objects. Memories, encounters and past experiences shape us, influencing both how we deal with the present and how we look to the future. As part of the Northern Art Gala, six art and Design Postgraduate students from the Northern School of Art present their own artistic responses to the theme of Souvenir.”

Nichola exhibited Strike (Acrylic on Canvas, Northern School of Art, 2023) and Challenger (Acrylic on Canvas, Northern School of Art, 2023), both abstract expressionist paintings referred to as “engrams”. Read more on the academic background to this exhibition here.

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