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Fast is the Only Speed: Speaking at SMX Milan

It's been years since I last spoke at an SMX event (from memory SMX Israel 2012) so when I was invited to speak in Milan of all places, I jumped at the chance. My talk was titled "Fast is the Only Speed" and is one of my favourite subjects. At Erudite, we find that speed and related performance improvements resul...

Posted 02/12/2017

How Technical SEO Drives ROI: DMSSO17

I recently spoke at DMSSO 2017 and the founder Robert Nagy requested that I set the scene with an early talk on How Technical SEO Drives ROI. We discussed that whilst technical SEO often drives very quick and tangible improvements in traffic, many non-technical marketers are unaware of exactly good SEO practise impr...

Posted 19/10/2017

A Mobile First Index? Speaking at Digital Gaggle 2017

I was recently asked to speak at an amazing event in Bristol by the agency Noisy Little Monkey, called Digital Gaggle. I was incredibly impressed by the size and quality of the event, which seemed to be the digital place to be for any professional in the West of the country. I spoke on the Mobile First Index, pr...

Posted 30/09/2017