Posted 28/04/2017

Digital Hampshire – Learning & Networking

Another great evening spent in the company of those curious to learn more at Digital Hampshire on Monday 24th April and the opportunity to meet up with some familiar faces or introduce yourself to new people and widen your network.

Digital Hampshire is a relaxed and informal event offering a tangible way of connecting & inspiring those working in the digital space in Hampshire, whether a business, digital or marketing professional. Everyone is welcome regardless of technical knowhow. People who come may be interested in the whole digital arena or the topics of the talk.

Monday aimed at showing three critical elements. Cracking the website data and really understanding how it can give you profitable insights from the fabulous and energetic Anna Lewis at Polkadot data. Matt Oxley from the award winning dotLabel showed us those creative essentials for improving the user experience, sometimes forgotten by clients in their haste to create the new.


I kicked off the night by reminding everyone of the strategies needed to fill the top of the marketing funnel whether they were looking for leads or sales, B2B or B2C. Often I find reviewing these fundamentals can have a significant impact on a business. My aim was to inspire those who were curious to assess how they were doing with regards to their own website and for others to validate they were doing things right!

If you want to see our slides please click here.

I’m off to write my presentation for Inbounder next week. If you’re going to that see you there!